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Here at Avachyle Academy, we know that you are concerned about the quality
of our skills and services. Listed below are some references from individuals familiar
Dr. Coleman's work.

You can view our current partners here.


"Dr. Gavin Coleman is an experienced professional with excellent skills
and a high level of expertise in his field. His work ethic is strong and
his relational skills are excellent. He possesses excellent writing and
research skills as well."

- Dr. John Johnson
Senior Partner at Precedent Academics

"Gavin is hard working, responsible and very passionate about the education of children,
espeically those with special needs."

- Dr. Berta Capo
Program Professor at Nova Southeastern University

"Mr. Gavin Coleman has worked with my most difficult students. He has completely changed the
culture of the program and provided quality instruction as well as improved the behaviors
by 300%."

- Robert Studly
Principal at Liberty High School, Osceola County Schools

"Your ideas for activities were exactly what I was looking for.
 I always say, “One of us isn’t smarter than all of us!”
 I loved working as a team today to make your ideas into thought provoking, meaningful, and engaging ideas.
You took this portion of the presentation and ran with it.
 I will look to you again for ideas on future leadership presentations."

- Keith Miller
Principal at Advantage Academy of Hillsborough

"Well done. It is clear you are not only passionate about what you do,
but willing to share and influence others along the way toward excellence.
Thank you for sharing your insights" Dr K-P

- Dr. Beverly Knox-Pipes
Professor at Nova Southeastern University

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